-The bejmat tiles and tadelakt walls

The traditional Moroccan ceramic floor tiling in the bache is known as bejmat.

Bejmat floor in the central courtyard

These tiles are all individually hand laid and with wear and tear occasionally some come loose or need replacing. Mustapha was the expert in this area so we left him to it.

Bejmat tiles repair video

As you can see he did a great job!

Repair on Day 1

Bejmat Repairs 1 week later

The walls throughout the riad are made of Tadelakt

Maroccan Black Soap \”Savon Noir\”is used to feed the tadelakt in order to maintain the shine and texture and needs to be applied to the walls on average every 6 month.

The soap reacts with the lime in the plaster creating both a waterproof finish and enhancing the colour of the tadelakt. We took advantage of the riad being closed for 10 days to refresh and nourish all the tadelakt in the bedrooms, bathrooms & stairway. A slight odour of wax, not unlike furniture polish lingers after the treatment, and takes a day or two to disperse.

Tadelakt polishing video

The finished product was worth the time and effort.

The wall in Melchior after the polishing.

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