Moroccan Cuisine has a rich and diverse history and the dishes that remain popular today combine the influence of the original Berber Tribe in the daily staples such as tagine and couscous. The Arab invasion introduced spices, dried fruits and nuts. Further inspiration comes from the Moors with the introduction of olives and preserved lemons. Making Moroccan Preserved Lemons

In the sixteenth century The Ottoman Empire introduced brochettes (kebabs) and barbecue to Moroccan cuisine. From 1912 to 1956 Morocco was a French colony and the French influence in the form of cafes, pastries, and wine remain to this day. Moroccan Wine Makers
Recipes and techniques have developed over many years resulting in the ambrosial blend of these distinct tastes.

At Les Trois Mages we were very fortunate to have retained our resident chef Saida when we purchased the riad. Trained in France, Saida is a diverse and highly accomplished chef and has been delighting our guests with her tantalizing tagines and delectable desserts. We have even had guests booking to stay on the strength of reviews of her culinary prowess! Her Chicken Olive and Lemon Tagine is particularly popular and countless testaments from satisfied guests confirm that her chocolate mousse is beyond compare.

In addition to Saida we have the culinary proficiency and savior-faire of Najya & Leila,both fully qualified HAGDA


Najya & Leila regularly prepare traditional Moroccan pancakes such as m\’semmen and beghrir for breakfast, and their Ghoriba (Traditional Moroccan shortbread) just melts in the mouth.

Within the last couple of years Moroccan Cuisine has gained a huge following, evidenced by a myriad of Moroccan restaurants popping up all over London including the ultra-fashionable Camden Market Moroccan Restaurant in Camden Market
and greatly helped by the likes of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver Jamie Does Marrakech
Over recent years we have had many guests stay at Les Trois Mages who have expressed a interest in taking a Moroccan cookery class while staying in Marrakech and we have availed of several tried and trusted local providers of this service to accommodate this. We were recently approached by international tour operators GAdventures to provide a
Local Living in Marrakech Experience

Saida, Najya & Leila thoroughly enjoyed the experience of passing on their expertise to guests and so in response to many requests from guests who have stayed with us we are now able to offer guests the opportunity to partake in a unique cooking class experience during your stay at Riad Les Trois Mages.       Beginning with a walk through the local souks with our English Manager Aidan (left) , you will purchase the Spices and fresh ingredients  needed for the class. Aidan will help you Haggle effectively for the best cuts and freshest veg! On return to the riad you will participate in a demonstration of traditional techniques and classic Moroccan dishes, followed by a sit down meal to relish the fruits of your labour.

If you would like to add this to your itinerary when coming to stay, just let Aidan know and we look forward to initiating you into the culinary ways of the Marrakeshi.

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